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Holocaust Memorials in Hamburg and Beyond

Course number: 3300MMK38

By tracing the evolution of the Holocaust memorial one can begin to better understand the mind of a nation grappling with its history of perpetratorship. In our investigations, we will ask: what is a memorial, what purpose do they serve and for whom are they created? The course will address local and national memorials in various forms, including invisible memorials, disappearing memorials, highly contentious or banned memorials, and counter-memorials. Our dialogue will be shaped by author, artist, and activist responses to further expand our perspective on not only the past, but also the future, of memorial work. As a class, we will make an excursion to visit a memorial of our choosing.

20,- €
4 - 9 participants

Important instructions

Kurs findet in englischer Sprache statt, ab Englisch B2

Course leader

Tamara Loewenstein
Employed at VHS since 2019

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