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Talking about Art Photography

ab Englisch B1

Course number: 5333MMM82

Every day approximately 2.4 billion photos are taken. Within this flood of images, what is the difference between an average selfie and a work of art, or is there none? What makes a good photo and what makes it art? Together we will analyze photographic artworks to see what makes them tick. You don't have to be an expert to have an opinion though, you just have to develop your visual skills and learn how to express what you see. You will share your views in a group with an experienced professional photographer as your teacher and improve your English conversation skills at the same time.

51,- €
6 - 11 participants
, 0 lessons
28.10.21 - 02.12.21, 0 events
VHS-Zentrum Mitte
Schanzenstraße 75
20357 Hamburg (Sternschanze)

Course leader

Stephen Lokie
Employed at VHS since 2014

Course events

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