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Talking about Art

ab Englisch B1

Course number: 5331MMM75

You don't need to be an art expert to talk about art! The most important thing is that you realize your ideas, thoughts, feelings and opinions about artwork matter. In each lesson you will concentrate on one or two paintings, sculptures. etc. The exploration of the artwork will start by taking a close look at it and describing its elements. After analyzing the artist's choices you may want to discuss possible meanings of the work. And of course you will be asked to utter your personal view of what you are looking at. Your teacher is a professional who can guide your exploration of the artwork and add more information that may be relevant and interesting. And he will help you with your English when you need help to express yourself.
The teacher is prepared to bring pieces of work that can be dealt with in the lesson, but you are also invited to make your own suggestions.

66,- €
6 - 9 participants

Course leader

Stephen Lokie
Employed at VHS since 2014

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