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The Port is Yours

Project lifetime: 01.01.2009 - 30.06.2012
For further information please contact: Heike Kölln-Prisner
Website: www.poyo.eu
POYO at the website of the programme Interreg: Interreg-Nordsee
E-learning:  www.vhs-hamburg-free-online.org

POYO has been focussing on maintenance processes, i.e. preventing problems instead of solving them, in order to increase the efficiency in the production process of the ports in the North Sea Region and thereby enlarging competitiveness and innovation opportunities.

POYO has strengthened and empowered networks to create an international clusters in the North Sea Area, thereby laying the basis for knowledge transfer on innovative maintenance techniques and the development of an EU standard towards certification of all maintenance techniques.

As a main result, 4 physical Centres of Excellence have been built and will continuously bring together industry/SME and vocational education to bundle knowledge and experience on maintenance issues. An action plan and a handbook will foster European certification on maintenance courses.

Online-Self learn course: "Werkstoffe und Fügeverfahren" (in German)
This course was developed by the German partners during the project. It offers the opportunity to learn or refresh the basic terms and conditions of skilled crafts in the sector or welding. The course is open to the general public and no fee is necessary. Just click! 
"Werkstoffe und Fügeverfahren" auf www.vhs-hamburg-free-online.org

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