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Selbstlernzentren in den Quartieren „Essener Straße“ und „Hohenhorst“

Project lifetime: 1.1.2017-13.12.2020
For further information please contact:    Oliver Thieß

Project places:

  1. Quartier „Essener Straße“ in Langenhorn, voraussichtlich im Seniorentreff Langenhorn, Käkenflur 16
  2. „Haus am See“ , Schöneberger Straße 44

In both of the self-learning centres  the aim is to help persons not used to learn to get closer to learning, identify, bundle and carry out their learning needs and thus support them in coping with their daily challenges and orientation. This will be done by means of counselling, offering own courses or learning opportunities and cooperate with partners nearby.  Learning offers will mainly be made in basic education, health, language and ICT.

The focus is on improving the self-learning abilities. Therefore, learning cafés will be introduced where everyone can follow their own goals in their own speed.

The cooperation with on-site organisations  is important, so that the right services for each one can be found. The self-learning  centres of Hamburger Volkshochschule will also act as a mediator and will join in to carry out a collective effort for public relations.

The advice offered will include information about education on-site and beyond, training programme guidance and procedures for competence assessment and potential analysis.