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Be prepared for your next international phone call

English Business Line B1

Kursnummer: 5431NNN31

The telephone has always been an essential tool for office communication. This is more true than ever today, as business people have increasing contact with their counterparts in different countries. English is the common language of global business … but unfortunately every speaker has a different accent, sometimes difficult to understand. In this course you will learn and practise important expressions and structures as well as tips and strategies for successful telephone conversations. The selected materials will also provide ample opportunities to listen to various accents and thus prepare yourself for your next international call.
Please pay 2 EUR for copies to your teacher.

50,- €
6 - 9 Teilnehmende
Wenn du mit einem Menschen in einer Sprache sprichst, die er versteht, bleibt dies in seinem Verstand. Wenn du mit ihm in seiner Sprache sprichst, geht ihm dies zu Herzen. – Nelson Mandela

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Gruppengröße: 6-9 Teilnehmer/innen.


Tag Datum Uhrzeit
Sa. 21.09.2019 13:00 - 16:15
So. 22.09.2019 10:00 - 13:15