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Lunch-Time Impro-Theatre in English

Kursnummer: 0912MMM07

In this exciting class June Waldenberger will teach you the fundamentals of improvisation theatre. We focus on basics such as; "YES" and, "Positivity", and "SHOW US" don’t tell us (what you are doing). During class we participate by being present, playing games, and supporting each other. This class is for beginners with a basic level of English. Improv in English fits in your lunch break, so you can return to work feeling energized.
41,- €
6 - 9 Teilnehmende
Do. 12:30 - 13:45, 7 UStd.
27.10.22 - 24.11.22, 4 Termine
VHS-Zentrum Mitte
Schanzenstraße 75
20357 Hamburg (Sternschanze)
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This class is for beginners with a basic level of English.


June Waldenberger
Bei der VHS seit 2022

June Waldenberger began improvisation theatre in 2009 in Frankfurt am Main. June was one of the first members of FITS (Frankfurt International Theatre Sports), where she learned the fun of spontaneous humor, on stage and in life. June moved to Sydney where she attended Impro-Australia and Laughmasters Academy, and she was a member of various performing troupes. She has been in shows at Sydney Fringe and The Sydney Comedy Fest, where she has contributed as a performer, writer, and coach. She recently moved to Hamburg and now offers Lunch-Time Improv in English with VHS – Because it is FUN.


Tag Datum Uhrzeit
Do. 27.10.2022 12:30 - 13:45
Do. 10.11.2022 12:30 - 13:45
Do. 17.11.2022 12:30 - 13:45
Do. 24.11.2022 12:30 - 13:45