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USA in focus

Englisch C1

Kursnummer: 5351NNN15

America - land of unlimited possibilities?! This course offers you the possibility to make your own picture of the USA, beyond the typical clichés and stereotypes. Your American teacher will take a closer look with you at all different aspects of this vast, fascinating and complicated country. Political, sociological and economical questions will be dealt with as well as - for example - the legendary Indian Summer and the traditional Christmas dinner. According to the interests of the participants in every lesson the emphasis will be on a different topic. Be prepared to contribute to an interesting and animated exchange of opinions and experiences in English at a C1 level.
Please be prepared to pay 5 € for copies.

109,- €
6 - 9 Teilnehmende

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Gruppengröße: 6-9 Teilnehmer/innen.


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Bei der VHS seit 2017


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