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We visit the „Auswanderermuseum BallinStadt"

Kursnummer: 3210MMW01

Between 1850 and 1930 over five million people migrated through Hamburg BallinStadt to the US. Let’s spend a day learning about the fascinating and diverse European migration stories to the US. What types of people migrated? Why did they migrate? Let’s explore the exhibition and discuss their stories. What were their hopes and dreams? Were they fulfilled? How did they arrive to Hamburg? How were the travel accommodations? What was their destination and why? Were their aspirations, similar to the hopes and dreams of those who migrate today? These and many more questions will be answered during our museum visit. Afterwards, we will have a coffee at the restaurant and discuss our discoveries. Ab Niveau Englisch B2.

11,- €
Fast voll
10 - 15 Teilnehmende

Wichtige Hinweise

Extrakosten für den Museumseintritt von ca. 11-13 Euro.


Tag Datum Uhrzeit Ort Anfahrt
So. 29.09.2019 14:00 - 17:00 Treffpunkt: Auswanderermuseum BallinStadt Hamburg, Eingang
Veddeler Bogen 2 B
20539 Hamburg (Veddel)