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AI Deep Dive: Understanding and Developing Large Language Models

ChatGPT, Gemini, Co-Pilot etc.

Ein Kurs von Ian Shulman
With the recent advancement of tools such as ChatGPT, AI is no longer an obscure tech tool - instead, it has become something almost any company can easily integrate into their everyday tasks. Knowledge management, routine writing tasks, CRM and virtually any text-related tasks can be solved faster and better using AI. This course will introduce you to the magic behind the life-changing AI tools of today - Large Language Models - and hopefully make it a little less magical and a bit more scientific along the way.

We will talk about the basics of machine learning theory, and provide you with the intuition of how exactly AI in general and Large Language Models in particular are generating answers to your questions. I will teach you how to evaluate the validity of these answers, and talk about the things you can do to ensure that the answers are more accurate or better suited to the needs of your use cases. Of course, we will talk in detail about how you can launch your own Large Language Models solution, be it a demo to impress your boss or your customers, or a production-ready application. Additionally, we will talk about the ways to gradually introduce AI to everyday operations, and establish the needed trust and understanding to use the AI tools regularly.

With the course "Understanding and Developing Large Language Models (AI)", you will be equipped with all the needed basics to get started with Large Language Models.

Wichtige Hinweise

No prior experience and no paid books are needed.
Die Kurssprache ist Englisch, der Kursleiter beherrscht aber auch die deutsche Sprache.
The course language is English.

Ein Kurs von Ian Shulman

Platzhalter: Ian Shulman

Bei der VHS seit 2024

Ian Shulman holds a Masters of Science Degree in Data Science and over 5 years of hands-on experience introducing data science solutions to German and international companies of various sizes and industries. He also spent a year teaching a machine learning course to Deutsche Telekom employees, and is eager to get back to sharing his passion for artificial intelligence with you. Ian's passionate about simplifying mundane and cumbersome processes with the magic of AI and presenting the intuition behind AI to his most skeptical customers in an intuitive and engaging manner


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